Is your website working its hardest? Web design with a focus on SEO to get your site found.

  • Site and Interface Design
  • SEO Optimization
  • Graphic Design and Branding
  • CMS Options
  • Secure Hosting

The most important factor to a site isn't a logo, color scheme or even content. It is whether or not anyone sees it. You could have the greatest website in the world, but if no one finds it, what good is it to you? We emphasize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that you can be certain that your new site will not only look great, people will be looking at it.

Simple is effective. The most difficult part about modern web design is deciding how to deliver a pleasant experience to the user while being both impressive and informative. We've all seen the websites that try too hard to do too much at once. The user can't navigate to what they really want to find quickly and easily. Our philosophy is that of sleek simplicity, delivering the info your user needs within moments of arriving on the site. We can also provide a Content Management System (CMS) so that you can update your own site from home or the office without having to know any coding.

An unplanned project almost always fails somehow. That is why we at SPS always go through a simple process in order to properly plan your project with you.

Goals, Content and Focus:

We sit down with our clients to discover their goals for the site, intended content and needs of their users. Sitemapping and determining the needed user experience happens here. This is also when priority content and aesthetic options are presented.

Sketching, Wireframe and Review:

We form sketches and wireframes in order to visually determine the optimal layout in order to present the content in proper priority. This step also allows us to get a review from the client on the wireframes, saving on edit time during the final step.

Design and Implementation

We create your new website to your specifications. During and after creation the site is monitored and modified for optimized SEO. For all clients this is the step in which we can offer additional web marketing to assist in your site being found.

Our process has allowed every Sanders Professional project to date to complete early. The sooner your project completes, the sooner you can be doing increased business.